In this tip we are looking at the 4-3 Normal formation, and the play is Weak Slant 3. With this setup we look to bring a-gap pressure from our middle linebacker. Coverage is a bit spotty on the play, but that seems to be the norm for Madden 18, even if you drop all eleven players into coverage.

One of the things to note about this setup is that it uses multiple bluff blitzes, so you really have to watch the seams manually at the snap of the ball. Another concern would be the flats, but these can be addressed by shading your coverage underneath or simply reserving this play call for an obvious passing situation. Check out the video below.

PLAYBOOKS: Any 4-3 Based Playbook


Base Align

Shift DL Right

Shift LB’s Left

Crash DL Right

Bluff Blitz Left of Screen OLB and User

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