This will be a written primer on the Auction House. If you read and understand everything I am about to tell you, you will be able to make coin by working the auction house. I am in my fourth season of MUT and I have never ever spent a dollar. I came across this knowledge this week and considered not sharing it. Why?  Because the problem with coin tips is simple and obvious: once everyone knows, it doesn’t work anymore.

Why?  Because the problem with coin tips is simple and obvious: once everyone knows, it doesn’t work anymore.

Because the problem with coin tips is simple and obvious: once everyone knows, it doesn’t work anymore. However, I know that most people won’t actually put in the work to do this method as it can be rather time-consuming. Also, I genuinely believe in helping people and I believe that the only way we will see better pack odds is if fewer people buy packs. Therefore, I will provide this simple primer. I will organize this by sections in the form of questions so as to make this more search engine friendly. Some ground rules before we begin:

  1. Read the whole article. If you give half an effort, you will not achieve meaningful results.
  2. This works now but may not work next month. Hopefully, you will be able to take this knowledge base and expand and adapt. I am trying to teach you how to fish.
  3. Please don’t complain if you haven’t actually tried. This method works, plain and simple. I did it for three days just to make sure. If it isn’t working for you, you aren’t putting enough time in or you simply don’t know what you are doing.
  4. Please correct any errors. Let’s work together as a community to provide resources.
  5. Please tweet me (@AdRobsGC) if this helps you. I don’t make any money off of anything Madden-Related that I do. I have a newborn (9/1/17) and a 2.5-year-old and work roughly 50 hour weeks. I am honestly energized by helping people enjoy Madden more. Please tell me if this helps you.

What is the Auction House? 

The Auction House is a constantly updating Market Place for Madden Ultimate Team Cards.

What Cards Get Displayed? 

The cards that you see are the 100 cards closest to expiration based on your FILTERS (Left side of the screen). You can organize the cards that you see with your SORT function (Buy Now Price, Time Remaining, Newest, OVR). Reread those two sentences because they are ESSENTIAL!

How Do I Find The Cheapest Card? 

The cheapest card is found by using a specific filter and then sorting properly. This is hugely important because of the two sentences I asked you to reread. If your filter isn’t specific enough, you will not see the cheapest card if it is not one of the 100 cards closest to expiration. Thus, you want to make sure that you have less than 100 cards displaying before you pull the trigger on a purchase. This is done by simply scrolling to the bottom and making sure that all 20 rows of 5 are not filled (if you see an incomplete row, you are good)

How Do I Flip Cards for Profit? (Micro-Sniping) 

As Jay-Z once said, “I’m tryin’ to give you a million dollars worth of game (coin) for $9.99. (free)” (footnote: I AM SO RELEVANT). Basically, you make money on the Auction House by exploiting the fact that people are lazy and don’t do what I just told you to do.

The Process / An Example

So right now, people are using elites to fill out flashback sets. They are going to the auction house and using the Elite quality filter, sorting by Buy Now price, and pulling the trigger. Thus, they are dealing with more than 100 cards and only sorting the cards nearest expiration. THEY ARE NOT GETTING THE CHEAPEST CARDS.

Here’s what you do:

Find Your Selling Price

Use that same filter, filter by “Buy Now” and let it sit for a minute or two. You will begin to see auctions sell off. Figure out the tipping point between Buy Nows that did sell and Buy Nows that did not. That number becomes your selling price. I am not very good at guessing this so I usually err on the side of low. I have found that it hangs out around 9,000.

Do Math to Find Your Target Price

Subtract ten percent off of that selling price (Selling Price X 0.9 = Final Sale) and then decide what margins are worth your time. For me, I subtract off an additional 500 and make that my Taget Price. Let’s plug in 9,000 for the sake of example

9,000 X 0.9 = 8100

8100 – 500 = 7600

Target Price = 7600

If I see any elite cards for 7600 or less, I pull the trigger.

Getting Cards

In short, use tighter filters and sort by “Buy Now” or “Newest” to try and find the cards for your target price.

What I currently do is use an 80-81 OVR Quality Filter and then cycle through Chemistry Filters and Team Filters until I find cards in my target price range. Move fast when you see them. Everyone else is doing this too!  If you think of any filters or have success, pay me back by telling me about it.

Listing Cards

List the cards you get for whatever your broad filter selling price was and set the timer for 1 hour. I don’t care what it sells for on MUTHead. I don’t care if it isn’t the cheapest version of that card on the block. I don’t care about any of that. List it for one hour and you will take advantage of people who are not using tight enough filters because they will only see the card nearest expiration. That means that if every card cheaper than yours is 7 hours from expiration, yours is the only one that has any shot of showing up when someone uses an “Elite” filter to fill out their Flashback Set. Get it? If your card expires, relist it according to whatever target price you would set at the moment. DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT HOW YOU LOST COIN IF YOU ARENT PATIENT ENOUGH TO DO THIS.

Listing Cards Quickly (GAME CHANGER) 

When setting the price for a listing, hold down the D-Pad Right button an rapidly tap your triggers or bumpers to make the price move faster. This is an amazing tip that no one seems to know about.


Below is a spreadsheet I kept because I honestly didn’t believe this would work. Check it out.

Final Tip 

Don’t invest too much until you are confident. Start out with 5 cards and see if they sell. If they don’t, try and figure out what you are doing wrong or, honestly, keep listing them. It seems weird but I have had stuff sell with 2 seconds left.

My Goal

My goal is honestly that this method wouldn’t work. We all benefit from cards being higher-valued and I don’t want people getting less than they could because they dont know better. Therefore, please share this info with your friends so that people can properly list their cards. If you have any questions or if this is working for you, hit me up at @AdRobsGC