Madden Rewards (formally MUT Rewards. Did they change this because of Pizza Hut’s HUT Rewards? Are they planning on expanding the program beyond MUT?) is a program that awards you for buying packs. Throughout the year, Madden Rewards members will get promo items and free packs as a reward for opening packs. The benefit of achieving Legendary status is huge because you will (based on last year) be able to almost entirely complete promotions with the free items you receive. There might be a way you can get there quicker than you thought.

The “Get a Player” Pack.

These packs are great for a lot of reasons. First of all, they are only 500 coins. Therefore, buying 1,000 of them will only cost you 500k coins. This makes it incredibly easy to get to Legendary status with haste. Also, there are some reports of people turning significant profits by simply flipping these cards on the Auction House. Finally, buying these silver cards allow you to fill team token sets, which are currently critical to many aspects of MUT.

I just want to make sure you guys don’t miss this awesome opportunity.

Hit me up at @AdRobsGC with any ideas you have found to MUT Coins without spending money.

– AdRobs