With EA Access and MUT Rewards already dropping we here at the Turf Team wanted to give you a few tips that can help you be successful offensively for Madden 17. One of Madden 17’s biggest areas of focus was adding a lot of different variations of zone coverage to this year’s game. Gone are the days where you know your opponent is coming out in cover 3 so you can come out in your cover 3 beater and attack it. One of the best concepts that have been added to Madden 17 is match coverage. Match coverage is where the defender gives a man look for a few seconds before settling into covering their zone. Mable coverage is another new concept to Madden 17 that places an emphasis on taking away plays that attack the corners of the field. So a simple streak, flat and corner concept will not be good enough to move the ball in Madden 17.


So a couple of days into getting our hands on the game these are some basic tips we feel you need to know for Madden 17:

  • Take what the defense gives you– if it’s open take your yards and don’t hold the ball waiting for something to hopefully develop later on. Blocksheds are happening at an extremely high rate at launch in Madden 17. You may not have the time to let the play develop for an extended period of time so be patient and take your yards.


  • Mix up your play calling– With all of the new defensive adjustments available running the same play or concept consistently is not the way to go. If you are playing an intelligent opponent they will adjust to your flood concept. We have noticed that in Madden 17 that adjustments do work pretty well. It will be very important to keep your opponent guessing throughout the game


  • Run the ball– As we have stated above in Madden 17 pass defense has gotten much better this year. So it will important to be able to move the ball consistently in different ways. Trying to move the ball solely by passing can be very dangerous especially with QB fumbles happening at an alarming rate


We are committed to making sure you have all the tools to succeed in Madden 17. All of the tips I covered above are part of our first offensive guide of the year the “Patriot Act Offensive Guide”. Everything is covered in our guide from how to beat all types of different zones to the most effective runs in Madden 17. This year Madden 17 has provided you with more control of your defense than ever before making playing offense a true chess game. It will be a huge adjustment from last year’s game where offense was almost as simple as set it and forget it. So whether your offensive scheme last year was to throw dots all over the field or if you were a hold Y and pray type of player we can help you.


Make sure to pick up the Patriot Act Offensive Guide and stay tuned for more tips and information from the Turf Team to take your game to the next level.



Turf Team