Chemistry-101 and Gauntlet unleashed are popular programs and great ways to grab rewards. However, if you don’t use your lineups correctly, you could end up spending a lot of time making little adjustments every week as you prepare for specific lineup requirements. So here is a simple guide to quickly preparing for Gauntlet Unleashed challenges.

  1. Grab Some Silvers
    1. Hop on the auction house
    2. Filter by Silver Quality and by Team
    3. Buy 3 Silver Players from each team (or less depending on what players you already have from a given team).
    4. Do not pay more than 500 coins.
    5. This will cost you 48,000 coin or less if you have no players from any teams….which you probably do. But if you just wanted to consider this the cost of doing business, it may be worth it to but have 96 silvers you don’t mess with for these lineups.
  2. Create a North, South, East, and West Lineup
    1. You will make up your lineup, to the best of your ability with 24 players from the NFC/AFC North, South, East and West. This way you have a lineup ready to go regardless of that week’s theme. Again, this could get pricey but will be convenient once you set it up. Although if you are someone who is big on binder management, that is obviously an issue.
  3. Use the lineups on a weekly basis.


The lineups feature is generally underutilized so definitely mess with it to get the most convenience you can!