There is no wrong way to make coins. You can snipe cards, you can predict the market, you can pull packs, and on and on and on. Again, there is no wrong way to do it but in the past few years I have figured out a few things going #NoMoneySpent in Madden Ultimate Team. By no means am I the best at making coins and I am not claiming that I have come up with or been the originator of any of these tips but I am going to share what I do personally to make coins in MUT without spending any money.

The Madden market is an ever-changing environment. It crashes, it skyrockets, it goes up and down all year long depending on what promos drop, what specific cards drop (For instance Vick this past weekend), it is always changing. While a lot of people make a large majority of their coins playing and predicting the market, I don’t really do that a ton. Normally with predicting the market you need to have a stockpile of cards that you have bought for cheap and or pulled and are just waiting for them to jump in price. While it is a good way, I personally feel like it is wasting coins that you already have in those cards. Sniping is also a decent way to make coins but the huge snipes are hardly consistent and tough to rely on for all your coins needs. The thing that I look for in making coins is consistency. Consistent profit that is quick and not having you hold onto a bunch of cards just waiting for them to go up.

This week I am going to focus on how I am making coins at this point in the year. In my opinion, the cards that make the market go around are gold cards. Flipping gold cards is easy, low risk, and consistent in your profits. With a lot of people still trying to complete Team Leader sets the gold card market is really fruitful when trying to make coins. The thing with gold cards is that they are in every promotional pack. Everyone is always hoping for high elites, but majority of the time they are disappointed with pulling golds. This is where I make my coins. Are you going to get 100K+ Snipes? No. Are you going to have to wait hours in between flipping a card? No. I am going to have a list of what teams go for what prices below. In the meantime, let’s do a little math. Let’s say you buy a Vikings 78 Overall Teddy Bridgewater for 1,200 coins. With the market ever changing the exact price you can successfully sell it at is always changing but at this time it is in the 3,500 coin ballpark. You sell this card for 3,400 coins and after taxes you gain 3,060 and subtracting our initial purchase price of 1,200 coins you profit in the end with 1,860. Okay so what that is only 1,860 coins. But let’s say you do that 20 times in the hour, which is fairly easy to do. You now have 37,200 Coins in profit. Let’s say you are on the market for three hours that day. And averaged that same 20 an hour. (Again this is shooting really low, I usually average between 35-50 an hour) 37,200 an hour for three hours is now 111,600 coins that you have made in three hours. Are all of your card flips going to be 1,800 coin profit? No. I usually aim to gain 1,000 coins a card. Anything more than that I just count as a bonus. If you can flip 30 cards an hour and can play somewhere between 15-20 hours a week (Which most people exceed easily) you can make between 450k-525k. That 1,860 coins may not seem like much by itself but when you replicate the process over and over that is when you will see the profits rolling in. Be patient and understand that in this market game you have one goal. Profit. It could be 500 coins it could 5,000 coins. As long as you are making consistent profit at the end of the night you will have more coins to build up your Madden Ultimate Team.

A Few tips when doing this method.

  • Filters that I use: Type: All Offense/All Defense, Quality: 70-74/75-79

I usually go through all 32 teams on All offense and then switch to All Defense. You can use the Buy Now Filter on the right or the Newest Item Filter if you are more comfortable with knowing the market. Using the newest item filter will help with flipping some of the TOTW cards that will most often go for more than the base gold cards.

With regards to what Teams go for what on the market I am going to list the teams that on average go for more than 2,500 coins per gold card. There will be a list for both the lower and higher tier gold cards.

Thanks for reading.

70-74 75-79
Cowboys Bears
Falcons Bengals
Patriots Broncos
Rams Chiefs
Saints Cowboys
Vikings Falcons