CC's Madden 20 Defense

In this guide we are covering all of the setups and formations used by our very own CC aka TheActualCC. These plays and setups are what he used for a long time to perfect and help will gain top 100 weekend league rank consistently. We will cover 3-4 odd, 3-4 bear, 3-4 predator, 1-4-6, 2-3-6 and Big Nickel Over G. We hope this can bring you some extra wins or fun in playing Madden 20 until the release of Madden 21.


Anti Meta Spread

In this guide we go over a new playbook, Pass Balanced aka Spread. The idea with using this playbook is to combat the defensive meta while using rarely seen plays on offense. This playbook is heavy with shotgun sets and pairs well using the Gun Ace Slot Offset guide as a secondary add on. Using screens, jet sweeps, and deep bombs we employ a variety of plays to counter the heavy blitzing players love to use this year.


CC'S Ace Close

Today we go over one of the most slept on formations and schemes of the year, Ace Close. Everyone who buys this will also gain access to the Ace Slot Offset guide from CC as well. Using these in tandem is going to allow YOU to dictate the pace and play style of the game. With this formation you gain extreme passing and running possibilities to beat every coverage in the game. Additionally – we go over how most people play against this and how to beat that as well. This is the most potent passing attack undercenter as well and you will learn how to stretch everyone’s run defense so thin that they will go crazy defending you!


Strong Close

Today we cover an old formation that used to be extremely popular, and balances the running meta and dominating passing game. Strong Close is always a formation we look into every year to see how we can form a great rushing attack to lure our opponents into run defense. From here we can then exploit the pass and open the offense up completely. Join us down the path and enjoy Strong Close!


Madden 20 Memberships!

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DubDotDubby Saints Offense

Here we are covering 4 formations (y trio off wk, bunch wk, empty saint, and tight offset te), run plays, red zone plays and deep bombs. Dubby goes indepth with his favorite plays to make sure you can learn from him and play like him! Find a comfy chair and dive into the Saints Offense in Madden 20!


Dubby and Cleff's Dollar Defense

Sometimes a guide comes along that is just built different. Becoming better at Madden is not always about sending a blitz every time, but learning how to absolutely shut someone down. The most difficult thing to face in Madden is the meta. Here we go in depth on how to lock up the most popular formations in the game using a variety of plays.



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Madden News
Welcome to Madden 20

Welcome to Madden 20

This year we are looking forward to bringing you content from some of the top minds in the madden community! While last year we saw Dubdotdubby join the Turf team this year we will see his fellow Need It Gaming teammate Cleff The God join us as well.